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Intention Candles

Intention Candles

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These intention candles will help you set your intentions and desires and have three wonderful scents based on the theme.  

 1. **Protection:*
Elevate your protective energies with our Protection Guardian Intention Hanging Cauldron. Suspended gracefully, this cauldron is adorned with tourmaline and amethyst, creating a protective aura in your sacred space. Infused with the cleansing scent of Palo Santo, this hanging cauldron doubles as a vessel for incense burning and smudging, allowing you to fortify your intentions while enveloping your surroundings in a shield of positivity and protection.

2. **Love Enchantment Hanging Cauldron:**
Immerse your space in the ethereal energies of love with our Love Enchantment Hanging Cauldron. Draped delicately, this cauldron features rose quartz, clear quartz, and fragrant rose petals. As the sweet fragrance fills the air, ignite your intentions for love and connection. The hanging cauldron, designed for incense and smudging, transforms your romantic aspirations into reality, creating an atmosphere of enchantment and tenderness.

3. **Abundant Prosperity Hanging Cauldron:**
Illuminate your journey to abundance with our Abundant Prosperity Hanging Cauldron. Suspended in grace, this cauldron boasts the prosperity-enhancing energies of pyrite and tiger's eye, complemented by the aromatic blend of cinnamon and basil. The citrus fragrance uplifts your intentions, infusing the space with vitality. The hanging cauldron serves as a versatile vessel for incense and smudging, allowing you to manifest abundance while cleansing and purifying your surroundings. Embark on a transformative journey as your intentions take flight in the gentle embrace of this captivating hanging cauldron.

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